Not just a plastic bag

With my recent ceramic work I worked with the form of a plastic bag, this results in individual ceramic objects and compositions in glazed ceramic and plastic bags.
I draw my inspiration from oceans as well as our custums
My repetitive forms and installations are a dialogue between the object and aspects of our life, nature, space and situations we find ourselves to be surrounded by everyday.
The transformation of simple, recognizable objects draws attention to contemporary ideas about consumption, recycling and the significance of things.
By first using specific existing forms, my ceramic work grows to a concept where experiment, mixed media is allowed. The choice of materials works as a perfection of the concept. Just observing the objects they bring back feelings and memories. My recent ceramic works ‘Not just a plastic bag’nr’s 1,2,3,4,5 and 6,’Mapping a plastic bag’, ‘Colored pastic bags’ and ‘Flat plastic bags’ (2017-’18) brings forward the concept of an object we know so well and are so familiar with. It is this confrontation and dialogue between the object and its space that interests me.
Each life is a library of forms, found or collected, to be rejoined or reassembled to a new object or composition.
Materials: Slipcasting clay, glazes, plastic bags, a map and a wooden case
Technique: Mold making and slipcasting, glazing
Size: single ceramic form 25x20x15, with plastic bag 40x20x15


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