Plastic stones-2020

‘Plastic stones’ takes you on a trip of a contemporary evolution.
The composition and color of my work presents itself and questions the fact of existence.
At first glance we see something harmonious. A white object made of a part of a plastic bag
carried by a group of clean white stones. A closed bag and even micro dots presenting itself.
Here is the paradox that marks these objects and claims for dialogue.
However maybe it is too late to search for meanings and claims attention of the
form and concept itself as an art object.
The bag and stones suggest a change in nature of stones turning into plastics
called plastiglomerates. A type of rock with plastic inclusions.
These observations made by scientists and naturalists became of interest to me.

My recent work is a research focussed on the global plastic environmental problem.
Through my ceramic work I approach and reflect the ecological transformation of plastic stones,
officially named plastiglomerates. A type of rock with plastic inclusions, formed when
plastic is melted together with natural materials.
As I have been working on the theme of plastic bags, these plastic-rock
hybrids became of interest to me and questions a contemporary evolution.

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